August Update
Go Deeper Into The Inferno...
August brings us a new PvE mode.  Dive into hell and fight your way out of Inferno II.  Win a variety of prizes including new weapons, pet skills as well as pets! 

The Clan Shop is now fully fixed so you can use your Clan War Points to purchase items again!

You can also pick your own conversion prize for the 20k and 100k conversion levels!
Key Patch Features
  • The Clan Shop Has Been Fixed!
  • The Addiotion of Inferno II
  • Lower Priced Silver Items
  • New Pet Skills
  • Continuation Of Bug Fixes
  • Level 122-126 Permanent gifts added in
  • 5 HP Silver Dance Card
  • Cheaper Pet Skills

Here are this month's SP to Gold Conversion Gifts!
(Promotion in effect from July  29th - August 13th)
Board To Death
Emperor's Song
Twilight PP2000
Sinister Sniper
Gears of Time